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I'm an anal freak, I really am. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind sinking the pink, but I love to back down a back alley whenever I can. It's tighter, it feels good, it feels dirtier and you can't beat the look in a girl's eye when it slips in the backdoor by 'mistake'.

So the average girls don't always seem up for my kind of hardcore anal antics, so I supplement my needs with the close personal attention of live camgirls that'll stick it where ever you ask them to live on adult webcams.

I remember one session in particular. There was a big advert on Tube8Live for a live college blonde sex show (Another one of my fetishes) and thought, why not? I got my wank station ready: Lube, Kleenex and a Long Island Ice Tea, and logged on. And there was this sweet blonde college babes with her ass stuck firmly in the air.

I was transfixed on her hot white ass as it bobbed up and down before me and imagined giving her a good anal licking. This is all I want in life really, a free live sex show on adult webcams and some hardcore anal adventures in college. Blonde sex bombs blow me away too!

I spanked myself so hard to that live show on adult webcams and have been a regular visitor to her shows and lots of other live camgirls too. Nothing beats a free anal sex show and you can watch loads of them live at Tube8Live.

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