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exotic latina with the perfect boobsOne day I was all alone live free adult webcams. Being that I am one of those amature web cam girls that get bored very easily I decided that I didn't mind if anyone was watching and started my own Latina MILF amateur cumpliation live sex show. I've imagined lesbian women caught masturbating on their free sex chats and felt my already-moist pussy getting officially wet. I'm a bisexual amateur so the truth is I get turned on by men AND women - lucky me, right? It was then when I started having this fantasy, and it's one I think you'd really want to hear.

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In my head I was lying on a huge silky bed and playing with myself. I wasn't on live free adult webcams, although I felt like I was. When I opened my eyes, still stroking my erect clitoris, I saw a man who I knew immediately to be the gardener. He was all dirty from working outside, but his huge cock was out and it looked pretty clean and tasty. "I've seen you on free adult webcams sex chat" he said "I paid to peep into your live sex show. You are one hot Latina MILF". I smiled. "If you've seen me online you must know I'm into Latina MILF amateur cumpliation facial with exotic brazilian girls" I said, "do you want to give me one?" "Sure" he said (as if he could have refused!) "But first cum for me. I love to see women caught masturbating".

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In my fantasy that gardener watched me stroke myself and finger my pussy. Watching women maturbating is a great tease and before too long he walked towards the bed, grabbed me by the hair and in one stroke shoved his massive cock into my wet tight mouth. I almost choked, but I wasn't the queen on free adult webcams sex shows in vain and immediately recovered. It was an amazing cock and I loved sucking it. I paused to tease it with my tongue and hands and then went on. I could see him shivering and then he splashed his jizz all over my pretty Latin MILF face, giving me amateur cumpliation - vintage style.

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I opened my eyes and the fantasy was over. I was back on my live sex show room and I had company. There were like 10 guys online, all looking at me like I one of those women caught masturbating videos you see on YouTube. I nearly blushed, but then didn't. Instead I looked at all these horny men through my sexcam and slowly typed "Which of you guys wants to give me a live amateur cumpliation?"

Of course, they all did.
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