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10 Ways of Combining Sex & Food

Sexual pleasures are closely related to eating and drinking, and here are 10 ways of joining the two together.

Sex in the Dining Room

When spontaneous fucking is concerned, few household furniture items are as useful (or as often used) as the dining room table. It’s wide enough for lying comfortably, strong enough to sustain the weight of both partners and is just perfect for leaning during anal sex or doggystyle action.

Freeze to Tease & Please

Frozen delights are well-known for enhancing sexual arousal and pleasure. Ice cubes make a great sensual treat – exchanged during long, deep kisses, sucked before oral sex, slipped around nipples, between tits or inserted into pussies and assholes. The chilly wetness dripping from the melted ice does wonders to heat things up.

The Infamous Chocolate Syrup

Let her mark the places where she wants to be licked or hold the bottle and show her where you want her tongue to linger longer. Not into chocolate? Maple works just as well. Or Nutella.

Dipped and Cum Coated

If your babe isn’t as committed to blowjobs as you’d like her to be, try covering your hard cock with her favorite sweets – be it honey, chocolate or peanut-butter. You’ll be surprised at the thorough treatment you’ll receive – especially if she’s on a diet (and really, aren’t they all?

The Miracle of Wine

The relation of alcohol to sex is wonderful. If you actually need an explanation on this one, you’ve got bigger problems then we can possibly cover in one article. ‘Not Getting Laid’ probably being the biggest one of the lot.


From mango and passion fruit to thick hot chocolate – while scientists debate on whether or not they improve your stamina, they sure as hell make her horny and eager to fuck.

Homemade Sex Toys and the Creampie Myth

Don’t have a dildo handy? A well inserted cucumber or carrot will make your chick wild and wanting more. If you use some butter these veggies also make wonderful anal dildos or butt plugs. Ripe banana skin is known for its effectiveness as a homemade pocket pussy. And a freshly baked pie? It’s doable, but man – if you cook your cock it’ll be an awful waste of a pie.

Whip that Cream

Whipped cream can be just the thing to help your babe get over those early, awkward stages of rimming or improve her deep throat abilities. If you have a sweet tooth, some wisely placed creamy treats will make her moan and groan.

Reward and Punishment

Ass spanking, cuffing and nipple clamping make pleasurable punishment, but what if your sub behaves well? After you treat her to humiliation and ponygirl riding, something sweet in her mouth can serve as an erotic reward.


to talk about sex in a public place? Want to embarrass you female fuckbody with some insinuative discussion at work? Food, cumming squirting girls are intertwined in language as they are in practice. Tell her you like to dip your firm eggroll in her sweet & sour sauce, or mark on how professionally she licks and sucks that popsicle. Then ask her if she prefers you oil her buns or cover them in cream.

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