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Is Webcam Sex Cheating?

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Well I guess you can argue this till you're blue in the face. My personal view, I think not. You know, I actually think that using an adult web cam can save relationships and stop cheating in real life. Think about all the things that you ever wanted to try out, but were too embarrassed or shy to ask your girlfriend to do. Not all of us are blessed with open minded lovers that are willing to try anything at least once. Take double penetration for example. I had one girl friend that I had to almost beg her try something other than the missionary position. Now, if I came home from work one day and proposed the idea of a DP session with my girl, she would be out of the door before I could finish the sentence. Now, if I stuck to vanilla sex with my GF and then watched some real hardcore double penetration on an adult web cam, what's the problem? Surely, it's keeping the two of us togethe.

Monogamy and Lesbian Porn...

I don't keep going back to the same girl all the time, I like to vary it up when it comes to adult webcam chat rooms. Now let's say that I go online and watch a lesbian webcam strip show, how can that be classed as cheating. I mean come on, this is lesbian porn after all. Even if I wanted to join in, these girls don't even like cock. I don't mean to sound petty, but as I said before, I see amateur webcam strip shows and online live porn as being a healthy outlet for guys with inner urges for a slightly more deviant sexual appetite. Fine, not all girls are into anal, cock and ball torture and other naughty sex games, but why shouldn't people be able to explore these things online whilst also holding down a monogamous relationship.

Amateur Blowjob Fetish?

I had this one girlfriend that hated oral, giving or receiving, and ok I've learnt my lesson now and I would never date a girl like that now. But let's say you were going out with a chick like that and you had a thing for watching a hot girl sucking down hard on a big fat cock, just go online, watch an amateur hardcore blowjob show and jerk off until your balls turn blue. You're happy, she's happy and you've just spent enough cash for your camgirl to feed herself for the week, so she's happy too. Everyone's happy

The Climax

So I ask you my friends, why should we live in a society that looks down on sexcam fun and games? Why should we be forced to suppress our kinky carnal desires to suit our partner's tame appetite? I say get online as often as you can, I say play out all your roleplay dreams, I say enjoy that triple penetration pile-on. Log on, jerk off and then go to sleep with your wife safe in the knowledge that you have a very healthy and satisfied relationship. Webcam sex - The savior of the modern relationship..

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